Every skill professionally covered!

Professional mobile developers, web programmers and UI/UX designers and much more

CrewNew offers a wide array of freelance skills and services. Currently across our talent pool we have 3648 skills available in United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

What freelance skills does CrewNew offer?

Many of the professionals we have specialise in the following skills:

  • Freelance web developers
  • Freelance mobile App developers
  • Freelance desktop developers

Following the development phase of a new project, the next step is to look in-depth at every aspect of your interface, system, platform or program. Freelance designers and programmers you might need for these tasks include:

  • Freelance UI / UX designers
  • Freelance graphic designers
  • Freelance animators
  • Freelance 3D professionals
  • Freelance video editors
  • Freelance marketing experts
  • Freelance copywriters
  • Freelance proof-readers

All of the above skills are available within our database, alongside many more!

What if you don't know what freelance professional you need?

Whilst this might sound a silly question to some, it will make a lot of sense to others! Our clients come from across every market sector. Some clients will have an in-depth knowledge of programming and coding, and know exactly what they want done and what level of expertise is required.

For other clients, finding the right UK freelancer or team of freelancers for your project is not quite so simple. We work with many clients who have been tasked with producing a new platform, designing a new system, or upgrading and repairing glitches in an old one. They may not necessarily have any IT or HR experience. 

In this situation, our Project Managers shine! They are here to help, and can guide you through the different options, technologies and freelancers who are best positioned to help you achieve your objectives. 

How can CrewNew help if you have a project in mind, but aren't sure how to go about it?

As always, just get in touch. It may be that you have a finite budget and need some support to check which parts of your system you should prioritise to have the biggest impact on customer experience. It may be that there are a few bugs which could be ironed out quickly and easily to resolve most of your system errors. 

We might have an idea or suggestion which will help your aspirations for your new App become a reality. There are often new technologies becoming available, and our PMs are always up to speed with the latest news on the market so can offer professional advice about which option will suit you. 

Collaborative working

A happy client and a happy freelancer are our aims! We love the challenge and opportunity of getting to know our clients and their businesses. If you have a vision, share it with us and we can explore the best way to make it happen!

The process is simple; like any other quality agency we use an easy to follow recipe:

  1. Take one idea or vision of a new business opportunity
  2. Mix it together with best and most innovative ideas for implementation
  3. Stir and mould into a complete web or App solution

Skills bases to search

Our search and filter functions are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for. The library is huge, so if you need any help, please do get in touch!

Here are the categories of skills we offer, and subcategories to help you find the right page:

Development & Software

Around 80% of our professional freelance services are around web, mobile and desktop App development, or categorised as coding or developer services. Each category you see listed below is an overview of the subcategories within that skill area, so take a look through the services offers; we are confident you will find what you are looking for!

For every one of our 3648 skills shown, we have a minimum of one curated and tested developer available, within a maximum of 2-working days.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Project Management
  • Software Testing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data & Data Science
  • Server Admin
  • Cryptography / Security
  • Software Documentation
  • Chatbot Development
  • Game Development
  • Software Architecture Planning
  • SOA
  • UML Diagrams
  • Frameworks / Platforms
  • Ready Made Apps
  • Programming Languages
  • Development Automation
  • lOt

UI / UX Design

Having the right App or framework is the starting point of representing your brand and enhancing your customer experience delivery. Should you be starting from scratch, or be looking to upgrade your existing systems, CrewNew has a vast array of professionals able to design and create content from web videos through to 3D animations. 

  • UI / UX Design
  • Audio / Visual / Photographic
  • Graphic Design
  • Banner Design
  • 3D Design
  • Presentations
  • Digital Art
  • Art Direction
  • Architecture

Marketing / Advertising / Sales

Every business need to advertise in some way or manage their sales and delivery of service. To support our design and development services, we offer a range of sales support professionals. These might be to assist with creating an integrated marketing campaign or could be offline marketing to help you reach your ideal customer base with a personal touch.

  • Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Account Management
  • Sales
  • Offline Marketing
  • Market / Customer Research
  • Public Relations Marketing (PR)
  • Negotiations
  • Business Development

Teaching / Admin / Texts

To support our other areas of support, CrewNew has a talent pool of professional writers, administrators and business support experts ready to help with any administrative or teaching projects that you might need a helping hand with.

CrewNew translations services include English translation, technical translation, Spanish translation, German translation and Estonian translation. If you require other translation support, either for your App or website, or for general administrative translations, do get in touch. Our network of freelance teams may have just the right freelancer you are looking for!

  • Admin & Support
  • Copywriting
  • Teaching / Tutoring
  • Translation
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Text Editing
  • Customer Service
  • Administration Support
  • Tutoring
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Accounting